Speed Auto Roulette By Ezugi at LotaPlay Casino!

Live Casinos are getting more and more popular among online casino players. Now you have the wonderful opportunity to beat the casino in Speed Roulette created by Ezugi.

This dynamic game will be able to captivate you for many hours. Simply trust your intuition and place your chips on the correct numbers on the game table to get great winnings. Get ready to win a solid amount of money from the dealer in this exciting game that is available without any interruptions 24/7. LotaPlay Casino is a safe place with a wide range of the most popular live games to play.

Speed Auto Roulette

Speed Auto Roulette by Ezugi is a super-fast version of Live Dealer Roulette in which game rounds take only 25 seconds from spin to spin. That way, Roulette fans have more exciting betting opportunities. Custom-designed wheel and experienced live dealers make the process even more fascinating.


How to play Speed Auto Roulette

Live Speed Roulette is no different from other roulette games. There are no special rules here, so if you know how to play roulette, you can easily figure out Speed Auto Roulette. However, even if you were not familiar with this gambling game before, you can understand the basics very quickly.

LotaPlay Casinoguarantees you the honesty of the gaming process and access to the Ezugi products. After joining the table, the player will see the usual game table and the roulette wheel. Additional features of Speed Auto Roulette by Ezugi allow you to place bets, analyze the game, configure various parameters, and get acquainted with the rules of the game.

To make a bet, you need to place a chip in the desired sector before the start of the game round. If you win, the funds are credited to your game account automatically. You can switch the main view of the game by clicking on the "video camera" icon located in the upper right corner. This will allow you to communicate in an online chat with the dealer and other players. It is also more convenient to place bets in the additional Track playing field.

By choosing Speed Auto Roulette from Ezugi, you can use statistics including information about the "hot" and "cold" numbers and the frequency of each number based on the last 500 rounds, the percentage of the distribution of winnings relative to each sector of the playing field (red and black, more and less, etc.) and list of all the numbers that have fallen out over the last 50 rounds.

Speed Auto Roulette makes the gameplay extremely dynamic. Now you don’t have to wait for all participants to place their bets. This is an interesting Roulette variation, characterized by the speed of the round. So, a round in classic roulette takes up to 47 seconds, and in this version – up to 27. To start the game, you will need to place a bet. This can be done when the title 'Place Your Bets' appears. The dealer will also notify you about the beginning of the betting period. You will have several options for chips of different ranges - from 0.50 to 2000 euros. After the betting period ends, you will be informed by both the dealer and the system. The croupier then launches the ball onto the game wheel. After stopping the ball, you will see the results on the diagram at the bottom of the screen.

As already mentioned, Speed Auto Roulette is characterized by super-fast gameplay, bets are placed during the rotation of the ball, immediately after the announcement of the previous winning number. To make a bet, you need to transfer the chips to the selected sector. You have the option to bet on red or black, even or odd, small or large numbers, columns, dozens, as well as internal bets: on 1 number, on split (2 numbers), street (3 numbers), corner (4 numbers), on 5 numbers and a line (6 numbers).

In case you want to develop some strategy by counting wins and losses, you can use the game history function by clicking on the button at the top of the screen.

Unique features of the game

The main difference between Speed Auto Roulette and the classical Roulette version are:

  • The ball is launched automatically. For this purpose, powerful streams of compressed air are used.
  • Extremely fast gameplay between game rounds. On average, the time of one game takes 25 seconds.
  • Online chat
  • Supported devices: Mobile phone/Tablet, Desktop computer
  • Special bid
  • Game history
  • Unlimited number of players
  • Round-the-clock operation
  • Different viewing modes
  • Statistics
  • "Favorite Bets" menu


Payouts in Live Speed Auto Roulette do not differ from other classic Roulette versions.

• 0.50 € Minimum bet

• 2000 € Maximum bid

However, if you have not played Speed Auto Roulette before, you can see the possible winnings below.

External bids

The sectors for external bids are located outside the main area. It is quite easy to get a payout for them, but you should not expect big winnings here. The payments will be as follows:

  • On red/black — 1 to 1
  • For even/odd — 1 to 1
  • For small/large — 1 to 1
  • Percolumn— 2 to1
  • Perdozen— 2 to1

Internal bids

The sectors for internal bets are located in the center of the table. As a rule, it is more difficult to get paid at these rates, but they are also paid much higher. The payouts are:

  • To the number-35 to 1
  • On split — 17 to 1
  • On the street — 11 to 1
  • At an angle — 8 to 1
  • Per line — 5 to 1

Description of the studio

The broadcast of Live Speed Roulette comes from one of the many Ezugi studios. A beautifully furnished studio with stylish curtains and a luxurious atmosphere will give you a sense of elegance, while the charming dealers will allow you to feel like in a real land-based casino - however, you will hardly have much time to look around because the gameplay is very fast and extremely exciting.

Video broadcast

Each roulette table from Ezugi is equipped with several highest-quality cameras, allowing players to switch between different viewing modes and choose the one that suits them best. You can enjoy a gorgeous picture, which guarantees you a complete immersion into the gambling process. If you play from a mobile device, or your Internet connection is not always the best one, you can always reduce the quality of the video using the settings buttons.

In Speed Auto Roulette, you will find excellent video broadcast quality and the opportunity to communicate with the live dealer via online chat. After the dealer starts the game, the camera focuses on the ball moving along the wheel. There are several cameras in the studio, located at different angles. Then the dealer and the system will notify you about the winning number.


Ezugi is the leading supplier of live games, and, of course, the company employs many dealers from all corners of the world. Online casinos can always choose in which language the games will be held on their site. Besides, in case the desired language is not in the list of available languages, Ezugi can provide dealers and casino staff who speak the needed language. Although Speed Auto Roulette is designed for very fast rounds, there is an online chat so it is possible to communicate with the dealer and other players, discuss the game and share your opinion. If you want to disable the chat, you can do this by clicking on the settings button. In the background, you will see other roulette tables and other live dealers, but don't worry about it: they will not distract you from the game.

Mobile and desktop interfaces

Speed Auto Roulette is developed in HTML5, which means that its interface can easily adapt to any size screen. Speed Auto Roulette supports various devices: you can enjoy the game from desktop computers and laptops, as well as from smartphones and tablets.

Both Android and iOS operating systems are supported. All the same, features are available in the mobile version as in the desktop version. The only difference is in the control method – on a mobile or tablet you will use a touch screen. You can enjoy the play when the device is horizontal and when it is vertical. As for playing with a PC, thanks to the larger screen size, you will be able to better see both - the dealer and the table. In addition, in this version, you can also control the game using the numeric block and space bar keys.

If you are playing on your PC, the betting area will be located right in the center, and the settings will be in the upper right corner. At your disposal will be an in-game chat, video options, as well as the ability to change the sound volume. You can also open the paytable and read all the necessary information about Speed Auto Roulette. If you use your phone or tablet, you can choose between landscape and portrait orientation. You can also easily use all the same features that are available in the computer version.


Roulette isn’t the quickest game in an online casino. Although Speed Auto Roulette offers you exciting and very dynamic gameplay. No more waiting times with Speed Auto Roulette - you will find several cameras located at different angles, which are filmed by a croupier and a roulette table.

LotaPlay Casino is a safe online casino with the best live casino games. Choose Live Speed Roulette from Ezugi with a full set of roulette bets, low house edge, and high-quality video and audio.

Enjoy a plethora of live casino games at LotaPlay Casino and win big!

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