Why you should know Casino Slang and Terminology?

Once you sign up to play with us, you’ll quickly understand why. Many people prefer to play at online casinos. The available online games are not slightly different from the land-casino games, neither in terms of excitement nor in terms of the intensity of passion. It is more convenient to play online because you can enjoy gambling in any convenient place without thinking about what you are wearing. Even beginners who have never tried themselves as a player can join our online casino – LotaPlay Casino invites you to become a part of this exciting process. The main thing that is required from you as a beginner is knowledge of the basic terms of gambling slang.

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Main casino slang terms and terminology

The following terms are used to play at an online casino:

• Ante - the initial mandatory bet.

• Bet - a bet made by the player during the game.

• Call - the player continues the game by making an additional bet.

• Raise - the player increases the bet by two or more times the opponent's bet.

• Surrender - abandonment of the game in which the player loses half of the bet.

• Fold - the player throws off the cards without the right to receive even part of their bet.

• Hand - a set of cards held by the dealer or player.

• Deal - the beginning of the card deal.

• Hit (buy) - get a new card.

• Roll - start (start of the game) in games with dice. Most of these terms refer to card games (such as poker, blackjack, and its variations), but we also suggest that you familiarize yourself with the terminology inherent in playing on slot machines.

Most common slang terms when playing on slot machines

Learn how to play slot machines with our handy guide! The main slot machine terms include the following:

• Player - a person who is located and plays in a casino (including online).

• Slot - a slot machine. Another variant of this term is "Video Slots". This term combines all types of slot machines, starting with fruit machines and ending with 3D machines. In simple words, it is a game with spinning wheels and pay lines.

• The reel is the main part that displays the symbols.

• Spin - the button that starts the game (starting the reel).

• Symbol - certain pictures that make up the winning lines.

• Payline — a combination of consecutively placed symbols.

• Wild - a symbol that can replace any picture in the line. The wild symbol replaces all other symbols except the scatter and bonus symbols. These symbols can help you build winning pay lines in games like Dead or Alive.

• Scatter - multiplying payouts. This slot symbol is used to activate a feature, bonus, or free game. The player usually needs at least 3 tablecloths to trigger the function.

• Deposit - replenishment of your account opened in an online casino.

• JackPot - a very large win (a large amount of money) that can be won by matching a certain combination in the pay lines of the reel. Initially, the jackpot amount starts at a certain minimum and gradually increases due to deductions from the players ' bets. Increases until this jackpot is hit.

• Random Feature – this is a feature in a slot that occurs randomly. You can get acquainted with something completely different from the usual base game and even go to another level. A well-known random feature is Wild Desire in the Immortal Romance slot.

• Free Spins – this is a central feature in online slots, usually triggered by the scatter symbols when landing.

• Bonus games - are usually triggered by scatters or special bonus symbols. In some games, you can choose between bonus options, while others just choose for you... For example, the online slot Thunderstruck II, Immortal Romance, and Playboy ™ have fairly simple free spins features that include a chance for additional multipliers.

• Sticky Wild - a type of Wild that remains on the reel during several spins. Players have come to love this extremely addictive feature. This is an improved version of the stacked wild symbols. They function similarly, except for the fact that the expanding ones appear on your reels individually as a single symbol. When an expanding wild shape is activated on the reels, it spreads from top to bottom to cover the entire reel. Thus, it significantly increases your chances of forming a winning combination. This type of wild usually takes part exclusively in the bonus rounds, but this can also be considered as part of the main game.

• Return to Player (RTP) - this term is used by a casino to refer to the percentage of all wagered money that a VLT or slot machine will return to players over time. For example, if you bet $ 100 at an online casino where the RTP is 90%, you can expect to get about $ 90 in winnings. Of course, RTP is usually calculated in the long run. Almost anything can happen in the short term, so you should only bet with money that you are willing to lose. You may have already noticed that RTP is only the reverse side of the advantage of a slot machine. If the player has 20%, then the average RTP will be 80%, which means that over time, the machine will save about 20% of the entire money bet and return the remaining 80% to the players in the winnings.

• Variance / Volatility – this term helps to explain slot fluctuations. In a high-variance slot, you can usually expect very low payouts for many spins, but when you finally get a winning spin, it can be huge. A low-variance slot works the opposite way. You can expect a lot of decent wins, but the maximum winning potential is not that great.

New online casinos terms for beginners

• Welcome Bonus – this is a bonus that is given to customers as a reward or incentive when registering. Bonuses increase the expected value, thereby increasing your chances of winning at the casino. Usually, the bonus is subject to betting requirements, but we will talk about this later. The bonus can often include free spins, and casinos often offer welcome bonuses for two, three, or even four deposits. For more information about our bonuses and promotions, go to the "OFFERS" section.

• Free Casino Bonus -some online casinos offer new customers free cash upon registration without the need to make a deposit. It is almost always attached to the bids, and sometimes the maximum amount to withdraw.

• Wagering - when you accept a free spins bonus, it is almost always subject to wagering requirements. The bet must be completed before the money can be withdrawn. Requesting a withdrawal before the wagering process is completed may result in the loss of bonus funds, so be careful. All winnings received while meeting the wagering requirements will be held in a pending balance until you meet the wagering requirement. You cannot withdraw cash from your pending balance. You will be able to spend these pending funds to lower your bid requirements.

• Casino License - in order for an online casino to operate, it must obtain a license. The most common licenses are those issued by Malta (MGA), the United Kingdom (UKGC), and Curacao. Remember that the casino must be licensed within the EU so that winnings are not taxed. Therefore, you can make sure that the casino has a general license in the UK or Malta. This is most often displayed at the very bottom of the page in the casino. An online casino can also have multiple licenses.

• Parachute Bonus – this is a lifeline type bonus that is similar in many ways to any other bonus, but with one significant difference. Let's say you deposit 100 € with a 100% bonus, which gives you 200 € to play. Using the Lifeline bonus, you first play with 100€, and if you win, you can withdraw money immediately! However, if you lose your 100 € and spend the other 100 €, the bonus will be lost and you will have to complete the bet.

Streaming in social networks

Modern Internet users view not only movies or videos about gambling, but also streams. Get familiar with the most common terms of the best casino streamers.

• Rigged - the accusation that the cost of fixing or rigging causes the player to lose. This is one of the biggest problems that many players have when they play online or when they play at land-based casinos is whether they can trust the casino completely. Of course, no one will play at these casinos if they feel that they are being subjected to some inconvenience due to a pre-determined strategy to minimize the chances of winning. The ultimate goal of an online casino is to make a profit from customers who love to play at the casino. Allowing your customers to enjoy casino games requires players to feel safe and secure. It is for this reason that some laws and regulations ensure legal and fair play.

• Nerfed - means slot does not work as before and is considered dead.

• Get in there – this term is used by streamers and viewers to celebrate a bonus or a big win.

• Get the D - when chasing a bonus in the Bonanza slot.

Remember that at some point, we were all new to the online casino world, and you may be now on our site because you want to learn more. Now words like "RTP" and "Bids" may seem like a big mystery to you, but don't worry – LotaPlay Casino is always here for you.

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Slot machine tips and tricks to win

Slot machine tips and tricks to win

Finding reliable slot machine tips and tricks on the internet is not easy. No, we are not able to give an exhaustive answer to this question either… We can't teach you how to win at slot machines, as those tricks simply don't exist. But we hope that we can give you some tips and recommendations that will help you on your way to achieving that goal. This post contains some useful tips and advice on how you can become proficient at gambling and win slots. Become an expert!
Blackjack Tips For Beginners

Blackjack Tips For Beginners

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How did Roulette become so popular?

How did Roulette become so popular?

Today, there is probably not a single person who has never heard or don't know what a casino or Roulette is. Roulette is perhaps one of the most popular and oldest casino games. It first appeared in the 18th century in France. According to a legend, the well-known mathematician Blaise Pascal was the inventor of the first machine that later developed into the roulette we know now. He wanted to build a perpetual motion device and one of the results was similar to the wheel used for today's roulette.
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Please play responsible!

Please play responsible!

Regarding the spread of the Covid-19 virus and the current situation in the world, it is very important to observe the security measures adopted in your countries, and also make responsible decisions for your financial security and soberly assess your capabilities.